Protecting your family, home and property in a risk filled world

Personal Insurance

What do you have to lose? 
Rental property
401K or retirement plans
529 or similar college savings plans
Plasma/LCD TV's & other electronics
The list can go on and on......

Think about your assets: chances are, you have a lot to protect. Choosing the right insurance agency is critical.

As an independent insurance agency, Wilcox Insurance Agency works with many different insurance carriers to be sure you are properly covered. 

Wilcox Insurance is connected to a carefully selected group of the finest insurance companies throughout the country, which allows us to find the best provider suited to your individual needs. Our recommendations are based on choosing a combination of coverage, price and claims service that will work for your specific situation. While one company may be the perfect fit for one client, a different company might be best for another.

Equally important, we've been helping our neighbors since 1923, not just by setting up the right insurance, but - when the time comes - by processing claims fast and assisting you through the process. Because when unexpected things happen, we know you have enough on your mind.