Auto Insurance Reform

For over 30 years, the State of Massachusetts has regulated auto insurance rates. This regulation gave the Commissioner of Insurance the duty to set one rate that all insurance companies could charge for auto insurance. Throughout the history of the state rate setting process no matter what company you were insured with, the price would be the same. The only way to obtain a lower premium was to be part of a special group which in many cases you would have to pay an additional fee.

The state is now proposing changes to the system that will take effect April 1, 2008. The reform will allow insurance companies to charge  their own rates and compete with each other. The state is in hopes that this will drive down insurance rates and give companies the opportunity to offer more coverages that have not been available in the past.

This page of our site is dedicated to informing our clients and the public with honest facts surrounding this reform. There has been a lot of conflicting press as well as confusing advertising. The motive behind much of this confusion is due to the fact that insurance agencies and companies are afraid their clients will shop their auto insurance and they will lose business. We recognize some of the public will be price driven however we believe that although price is important, service is a higher priority for most. With service and price in mind, we are aligned with two superior insurance companies, Quincy Mutual and Commerce Insurance. They will both offer competitively priced auto policies along with stellar claims service. We will always be here for you as well to guide you through a claim, explain coverages or any other issues you may experience. This year we are celebrating our 85th year in business. Our focus on service has made this longevity possible.  

Please use this section of our site to get informed about Massachusetts Auto Insurance Reform. We would love to get feedback from you. Please use our general feedback form and let us know what you think.